Mini Assignment 4

A live blog is a series of posts about a particular event, posted whilst the event is occurring, creating a “constantly updated stream of information,” (Cook, Knight, 2013, p.122)

The event I have chosen to live blog is the 89th Academy Awards, and I will do so using Twitter, intended for Empire. Twitter is a helpful CMS for a live blog, as it timestamps each post, and it also forces you to keep each post short.

The Oscar’s are good events to live blog as, although you do not know the outcome of the event (hence there is still something to live blog about), there is some structure to the event, which makes it easier to blog around. Also, with this event, you are able to do more than just describe what is happening, as, more than likely, the blogger will have some opinions about what they would like to win. This way, the blog has more to it than simple facts of the event, and a little more of its own voice.


Cook, C. Knight, M. (2013) Social media for journalists. London: SAGE Publications Ltd


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