Mini Assignment 5

A column is a recurring article that features in a newspaper or magazine, written by a particular journalist, to express both their opinions, and the publication’s opinions, about current events and topical issues. This article is intended for Vice.

Let’s move to California.

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Now, I have to start this column stating my clear, and complete bias towards California in every way. It is where I plan to eventually live and work, and there isn’t much anybody could say to convince me otherwise. But maybe there is something I could say to convince you to love California as much as I.

To get them over and done with, I’ll state the obviously cool factors of California: Venice Beach, the sun, the skateboarders, and Hollywood – or to put all that quickly, Los Angeles. That was enough to sell it to 14-year-old me, but as I’ve grown up, there have been some movements in California that have impressed me further, enough to know I want to be there for the rest of my life, even though I’ve never actually visited.

Narrowly beaten by Hawaii, California had the 2nd highest amount of votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election, and are therefore the 2nd most democratic, and Trump hating state in the US. It is important for you to know, or more so, it was important for me to know, that in the place I will one day live, I will be surrounded with majority like-minded people, especially when it comes to somebody like President Donald Trump.

A slightly less essential perk, but a perk nonetheless; legal, recreational marijuana (that’s if Trump doesn’t take it away from them before I get there). I am a big supporter of the legalisation of cannabis, and unfortunately, the only party that mentions it in the UK is the Lib-Dems, and honestly, are they even a party anymore? Ever since I was young, and in my early years of high school, I have supported cannabis legalisation. I have a very distinct memory of watching a video in year 9 PSHCE about drugs, and it giving the very clear message of “weed is absolutely fine in moderation” (arguably not a good message to send to children), and I have followed that mentality ever since. Cannabis is the most tame drug going, even against alcohol and cigarettes. I’d be happy if it was legal only for medicinal purposes, it being recreational is just a bonus.

Of course, like anything in the world, California isn’t perfect. California is still a US State, and therefore, the gun laws are not my ideal. Like many other US States, you can purchase a gun in California with no permit. The way I try to look at this problem, with optimism, is to think, the best way to try change this would be from the inside, right?

Back to the great qualities of Cali, with my most favourite quality all. I only recently learned of this law, and it inspired this article: legally assisted suicide. Although euthanasia is still very much illegal, California – and 4 other states in the US – allow physician-assisted suicide. This law allows eligible, terminally-ill citizens to request a lethal drug that they can take when they feel ready. I don’t know about you but, I think that’s pretty damn cool. The legalisation of euthanasia has, again, been something I’ve been very passionate about since I was young (I think I might have been quite mature for my age), and I can remember discussing it in Religious Education when I first began high school, and it has always been a problem, that I’ve never quite understood actually why it is a problem. Physician-assisted suicide isn’t quite euthanasia in all its glory, but it’s a lot closer than most places, and I respect California, and all the other states, for that greatly.

Los Angeles is my dream destination. It is a great place for photography, journalism, and if I do ever manage to get into my dream industry, it is unarguably the perfect place for film and cinematography. I am 100% convinced that Los Angeles was made for me, but if the recreational weed, assisted suicide and majority democrats (on top of the sun and the beach) doesn’t sell it to you, I don’t know what will.

By Tilly-Fleur Hutchinson



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