Mini Assignment 6

A journalist could be the greatest writer ever, but without good ways of getting their work out there, their talent would not matter. Content exposure is a very important technique to master to get your stories heard. While Chapter 3 of Leibtag’s The Digital Crown (2013) is mostly long-winded with too many Harry Potter metaphors (which only seem helpful or witty to somebody who enjoys Harry Potter), some useful points are made regarding content exposure.

Content can be split into 3 different sections: Information, Format and Distribution (Leibtag, 2013). Content exposure focuses on the distribution section.

There are different types of content someone can create, and there are specific platforms that are best suited to those different types. For example, audio, whether that is music or a podcast, is best used with iTunes rather than YouTube, which is better for visuals, or a blog, which is better for text (Leibtag, 2013). Leibtag presents this information in a table on page 74, which, (although contains a column that seems wholly unnecessary since it features the same information for each content type) is mostly useful. It is slightly outdated, for example, tools like SoundCloud are more widely used than iTunes for audio, and social media site Vine doesn’t exist anymore. However, the principle still stands that, it is important to know what platform is going to be most appropriate to get the content seen or heard.

Alongside knowing what platform is best for your content, knowing what content is best for your audience is also key. Content will gain more exposure if it is in a recognizable format, as they are designed so an audience knows exactly what to do, and creates a better interaction for the user (Leibtag, 2013).

Mostly, although Leibtag’s text can be useful, it focuses far more on why content exposure is important, rather than how to actually do it.


Leibtag, A. (2013) The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web. Morgan Kaufmann.


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